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Good4You Plant Makeup creator and Woods Hole artist Jes Morgan shares her beauty secrets and the inspiration behind the natural skincare line.

spring collection NEWWhat led you to create Good4You?

Plant Makeup came to life at the beginning of 2013, but I have been working with plants for over a decade. When I went to college, I discovered the language of plants in a medicinal herb greenhouse. I started creating herbal products in 2004 with an organic line of teas and slowly developed a variety of beauty products and botanical fragrances.

What is the creative process behind your products?

I get inspired by just taking the time to wander outside. I like to also translate readily used products into the ultimate all-natural, best-for-you-and-the-planet alternative. Recipes can take anywhere from a week to a few years to develop and get right.

Where do the plants you use come from?

All Plant Makeup ingredients are locally grown, foraged or purveyed certified organic. I only want the best in each of these creations. Sustainability is key. Because of this, my batches are small and special, based on the season and sometimes limited edition.

What are some of your favorite plants/flowers to work with?

Roses, calendula, elder flowers, helichrysum, Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, lilacs, chamomile…the list goes on!

What are a few of your favorite products you make?

I love Facefood, a honey, seaweed, green clay blend mask. It leaves skin feeling like it just had a breath of fresh air! My favorite balms are the Fountain of Youth Balm and Beach Rose Beauty Balm. Using both of these creations daily keeps people thinking I’m younger than I look! I also love using my herbal shampoo and conditioner, for the ultimate sexy beach hair look. It’s sulfate-free and 100% natural.

Any beauty secrets you swear by?

Juicing, eating kale, brown rice, sprouts and being outside and exploring, drinking herbal teas and living dreams and using these products are what make my life beautiful!

Find Good4You Plant Makeup at Adorn in Orleans, ARTichoke in Eastham and online.

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