On Patrol with Officer Ruben Ferrer

By Ruben Ferrer, Falmouth Police Department Patrolman since 1987

I’m a native New Yorker—born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Cape Cod in 1985, and I was hired by the Falmouth Police Department as summer officer in 1986, and I became a full-time officer the following year. In late December 2015, I purchased a digital camera and photo editing software for personal use, and began taking landscape photos. Shortly thereafter, the police department asked officers to submit photographs of cruisers, buildings and police-related activities to post online. I submitted a few photos just to appease them, then I began taking scenic shots, which were well received by the community.

Some of the photographs are taken on patrol whenever possible with the approval of the police department administration, but the majority aren’t, and all of the editing is done on my own time. Police officers encounter situations on a daily basis that can’t be shared with the general public, however treasures we can share are pictures of our town. What’s been rewarding for me is being able to bring back good memories to many viewers through my pictures.

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